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Requires macOS 13.0 (Ventura) or later.

Rewrite text in any application with the help of AI


How to get started

Image Install RewriteBar

Install RewriteBar

Download the latest version of RewriteBar from the website. Unzip the file and install it by dragging it to the Applications folder.

Image Grant accessability access

Grant accessability access

Rewritebar requires accessability to retrieve the selected text. The app will prompt a request to grant accessability access. If you missed it, you can manually grant access by going to Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility and add RewriteBar to the list of apps.

Image Activate your license

Activate your license

Enter your license key to activate the app. You can find your license key in the email you received after purchasing the app.

How you can improve your writing

Activate the AI assistant in any macOS app by selecting text and picking the action you want from the Mac MenuBar.

Fix grammar and spelling mistakes

Quickly fix grammar and spelling mistakes before sending them to your boss or client.

Simplify your writing

Make your writing concise and easier to understand.

Translate text

Translate words or sentences into another language. You can also use this to translate text inside HTML code.

Change writing style

Adjust your writing tone for emails or Slack messages. Transform it into a professional tone for your boss or a casual tone for your friends.